Government gets $16 million in Urine Drug Testing False Claim Case: Here’s How You Avoid This Common Healthcare Compliance Pitfall

One of the most frequent problems we encounter during our audits of physician practices is the structure of the practice’s urine drug testing program. We all know that the CDC guidelines and many state regulations require practices prescribing controlled substances to conduct a urine drug test on nearly all patients at regular intervals. In typical government fashion, the Government is taking a swing at providers who are testing too much in the form of civil and criminal action. Anecdotally, as a litigator I am leading the defense of a number of physicians who are on the wrong end of federal healthcare audits for doing what they thought was the right thing, conducting urine drug tests and confirming the results. That’s why I founded CCG – to give you the right compliance advice before you are the target of federal scrutiny. Our goal is to help steer practices in the right direction BEFORE the federal government starts poking around – or worse! Here’s how you can avoid civil and criminal investigation related to your urine drug testing program.

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