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Creating a Culture of Compliance in Healthcare With Training

The greatest asset to any organization is its people. Healthcare entities in this highly regulated healthcare space need to ensure that all staff in the organization are properly trained in healthcare compliance. Proper healthcare staff compliance training will provide an advanced healthcare compliance detection capability within your organization and will ensure that staff identify compliance issues and properly report compliance issues so that they can be remedied before costly audits, overpayment demands, and civil and criminal penalties.

Here at CCG we have staff trainers ready to engage with your practice and key decisionmakers to provide documented training to begin instilling a culture of healthcare compliance. Instilling a culture of compliance will empower employees to be management’s eyes and ears effectively spotting compliance issues and permit management to internally audit and investigate. A self-regulating entity is an entity safe from the long reach of the federal government and insurers who likewise root out and spot non-compliance.

Why You Need Healthcare Staff Compliance Training

Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General mandates that healthcare practices of every size that interact with federal payors have a compliance plan. A critical element of each compliance plan is the implementation of staff training. Staff training must be utilized to engrain the principles of the company’s policies and procedures into the organizational culture and ensure that they align with operations. This is not a choice. It’s a mandate. Failure to have a staff training plan that is detailed, documented and aligned with policies and procedures is vital to ensuring not only compliance but ensuring that overpayments don’t turn into indictment.

In fact, Chapter 8 of the United States Sentencing Guidelines, the instructions used by the court to sentence corporate defendants (including healthcare corporations) provides a benefit to entities that have a compliance plan that fully incorporates staff training.

How Does CCG Train Staff?

Each organization is different. In order to properly train staff for compliance CCG trainers must first review compliance policies and procedures and prepare staff training sessions on broad compliance topics while providing space for key decisionmakers to address how compliance goals align with operations. By training alongside key decisionmakers we can empower leaders in your organization to be seen as informed, approachable, and action oriented when compliance issues arise.

Through presentations provided by experts in healthcare compliance, CCG trainers can address common compliance pitfalls, common compliance mistakes, and provide a vehicle for complex compliance questions to be answered in real-time. Many of our clients request that we conduct annual compliance training once a compliance baseline has been established. This allows us to present new emerging compliance topics and engage with the staff on more advanced compliance topics every year.

Understanding the “Why” of Compliance

Compliance is not just a dark pool to wade through on your road to profitability. It’s a vital step to protect the company’s interests, ability to profit, and prevent fear of regulatory scrutiny. When a proper compliance mindset is achieved within an organization, it switches from a company that “pencil whips” compliance requirements into one that embodies them and seeks to utilize compliance as a vital and profitable aspect of the business. Through regular staff training, team members can get a sense of the “why” of compliance. We can help you achieve that.

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