Free Practice Review

What is a Free Practice Review?

A practice review is a phone call, conducted by a dedicated CCG compliance analyst with expert credentials, designed to take inventory of your current healthcare practice operations, policies, record-keeping, and possible government audit “red flags.” 

When the practice review is complete, CCG’s compliance analysts will stay in touch with you to ensure that work can begin as soon as necessary.


Why can’t I just use to assess my risk? 

Government websites such as can be generally helpful places to start but are usually bogged down by thousands of pages of information — not all of which will apply to you and your specific business practices. By the time you’ve pieced together an idea of your compliance risk, you’ll have wasted hours of precious time with few productive answers.

In scheduling a discovery call with a CCG compliance analyst, you’ll be met with tailored solutions immediately: Have a state-specific telehealth prescriber question? Wondering what would happen if a nurse practitioner made a mistake under your guidance? Maybe you’re simply curious as to the realistic outcome of a government investigation into your practice. 

While a practice review allows our experts to find compliance gaps quickly so that they can design solution-based programming on an individual level, it’s often most revelatory for healthcare professionals to understand the life-altering consequences of habitual noncompliance. 


How do I connect with a CCG compliance analyst?

Call us at (800) 653-2106 or email us at You can also click the “Free Consultation” button at the top right-hand corner of your screen. This button will direct your call to someone who can help schedule your practice review at your earliest convenience.


I haven’t been investigated yet — do I really need a practice review?

The short answer is, yes, you do. Everyone needs consistent review of their compliance practices especially given the current landscape of day-by-day changes to important regulations and laws. Something as innocent as your last patient’s prescription history with you, filled by the pharmacy down the street, could perk the ears of the federal government and incite irreparable damage to your reputation — even permanent risk to your license as a medical professional. 

While you may not have been investigated yet, it is an inevitability for the future; a free phone call versus a lifetime in jail is the decision every indicted physician wishes they had sooner. 



Contact us today to see how we can help you mitigate risks, red flags, and the possibility of a federal audit.

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